The Andromeda Minute Podcast
The Andromeda Minute Podcast
Minute 006: Caper One

GUEST HOST: Sean German

Shawn and Crane are still looking down on the town of Piedmont. Shawn stubs out his cigarette.

“I guess we’d better go in and have a look,” says Shawn.

The scene changes to a windswept beach, with a small building surrounded by radio towers and a satellite dish, high on a steep cliff above the ocean.

A ticker crawl appears at the bottom of the screen: “VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, CALIFORNIA… FEBRUARY 5, 1971… SCOOP MISSION CONTROL”

On the radio, Shawn reports in. “This is Caper One to Vandal Deca. Caper One to Vandal Deca. Are you reading, over?”

“Yes, I’m reading, over,” replies Lt. Comroe. Comroe is reading a newpaper while talking into a microphone. In the background, several Air Force personnel are casually working the night shift at a mission control console.

“Uh, we’re about to enter the town of Piedmont and recover the satellite,” says Shawn, his voice charted on an oscilloscope. The sound of Shawn’s radar beacon can be heard beeping in the background.

“Very good, Caper One,” says Comroe, “Leave your radio open.”

“Roger,” replies Shawn. Sounds of the van starting up are heard over the speaker.

“We’re now inside the town,” says Shawn. “Guess it’s kinda spooky.”

A few of the Air Force men glance up at the speaker.

“I see a church steeple ahead, on the left,” reports Shawn. “I mean, it’s quiet here. It’s the damndest thing – – there’s no sign of life.”

In This Episode:

  • Mark Jenkins    as Lt. Shawn
  • Peter Helm     as Sgt. Crane
  • Carl Reindel     as Lt. Comroe
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