GUEST HOST: Tom Taylor

“Blood in a dead person goes to the lowest points,” says Hall. “There should be marks of lividity, right? Do you see any purplish marks on his butt?”

“No,” says Stone.

Hall grabs a large scalpel and holds up the corpse’s arm.

“Careful you don’t puncture your suit,” says Stone.

Hall slices across the corpse’s wrist. Dark red powder spills out of the opening.

“Clotted blood,” says Hall, “Powdered!”

“I’ll be damned,” says Stone.

“No wonder they didn’t bleed,” says Hall, “It’s clotted throughout the entire system. Five quarts of blood, turned to powder!”

“In theory, I suppose a single organism could do it,” says Stone.

“But in fact, there isn’t an organism on Earth – ” Hall looks at Stone.

“You mean there didn’t used to be,” replies Stone. The table clock chimes.

Stone and Hall put the satellite in a plastic bag and walk it out to the van.

In This Episode:

  • James Olson     as Dr. Mark Hall
  • Arthur Hil     as Dr. Jeremy Stone
  • Jason Johnson     as Dr. Alan Benedict
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