Karen Anson watches Hall tormenting the baby. She can’t stand it any longer, and scrambles into the plastic tunnel.

Hall continues to provoke the baby into a tantrum. Karen comes up in her suit, and tries to grab the bottle. Keeping the bottle from Anson, Hall points at the gasping infant.

“This may be the key to beating Andromeda,” says Hall.

“How? By starving him to death?” says Anson.

“No,” replies Hall, “but don’t you feed that baby until I tell you –”

The emergency bell goes off, loudly. Hall and Anson spin around and look at the alarm. A bright yellow light flashes on the wall.

“Contamination!” says Anson.

In the Level V Corridor, the MIC-T and another technician run past.

“A seal has broken in Autopsy,” says an announcement. “A seal has broken in Autopsy. Emergency procedures are in effect.”

Hall, on the run, hesitates at a self-destruct sub-station. He pulls out the key around his neck, but keeps going. Leavitt emerges from Crystallography, and runs after Hall.

“What’s the matter?” asks Leavitt.

“Infection spread!” replies Hall. “Autopsy!”

They both run to Autopsy. Leavitt suddenly slows, and stares at a flashing red light on the ceiling.

“Is he alive?” Hall asks Toby.

“I should have been with him!” says Toby. “Doctor Dutton!” Toby pounds on the sealed door.

“It’s no use,” says the MIC-T. “It’s sealed off.”

One of the female techs notices Leavitt. “Doctor Hall!” she shouts.

In This Episode:

  • Michael Pataki     as The MIC-T
  • Kate Reid     as Dr. Ruth Leavitt
  • Paula Kelly     as Karen Anson
  • James Olson     as Dr. Mark Hall
  • Ken Swofford as Toby
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