GUEST HOST: Brian Fies

Shawn and Crane are driving through downtown Piedmont.

“The signals from the satellite are getting very strong,” says Shawn.

“Sir!” shouts Sgt. Crane. “Did you see that, Lieutenant?”

“See what, Crane?” asks Lt. Shawn.

“Over there, by the fence,” says Crane. “It looks like a body.”

“Easy, Crane,” replies Shawn. “You’re imagining things.”

Suddenly, there’s the sound of brakes on the radio as the van comes to a halt.

“Ho-ly,” says Shawn.

“Sir, it’s another one,” says Crane.

“You’re right,” says Shawn. “It looks dead.”

“Yes, sir,” says Crane, “Shall I?”

“No!,” says Shawn, “Stay in the van!”

Back at Scoop Mission Control, Lt. Comroe picks up his microphone.

“Vandal Deca to Caper One,” says Comroe, “What’s happening?”

“We see bodies,” replies Shawn. “Lots of them.”

“Are you certain, Caper One?” asks Comroe.

“Dammit, Comroe,” says Shawn, “Of course we’re certain!”

Comroe picks up an Army manual. “Your orders are…” He looks down the contingency list – “proceed to satellite and retrieve.”

There’s a pause. “Roger, Vandal Deca,” says Shawn. There are sounds of the van starting up again.

Several of the airman stand up from their consoles.

“Stay at your stations!” shouts Comroe. “Hit that Security button!”

One of the console operators presses a button, and the word “SECURITY” appears over the door.

“Get me Major Manchek,” says Comroe, into a phone.

“Somehow, they don’t hardly look dead, Lieutenant,” says Crane. “They’re all over the place, sir.”

In This Episode:

  • Mark Jenkins    as Lt. Shawn
  • Peter Helm     as Sgt. Crane
  • Carl Reindel     as Lt. Comroe
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