Minute 009: A State of Emergency

  • 24 April, 2020
  • 23.4M
The Andromeda Minute Podcast
The Andromeda Minute Podcast
Minute 009: A State of Emergency

GUEST HOST: Brian Fies

Pilot Gunnar Wilson is flying a photo reconnaissance flight over Piedmont, New Mexico in his RF-4C jet.

He presses a trigger mechanism on his control yoke, and a camera starts to record the scene below him.

As he leans forward in his seat, he notices all the dead bodies scattered across the town.

“Jeez!” he says as he passes over the church. Wilson loops his plane back over the town and heads away. He presses the Record button as he makes another run over the town.

The scene shifts to an inverse image of the flyover. Bodies on the ground stand out in white outlines.

On the door of the screening room at Scoop headquarters, a painted sign reads “FILM DATA PROSSEX – ADMISSION BY CLEARANCE CARD ONLY”

Manchek and Comroe step out of the room, past an armed guard.

“I’m declaring a state of emergency,” says Manchek. “All personnel, restricted to base. Everything seen and heard in that room is top secret.”

“Yes, sir,” says Comroe.

Manchek pulls a key out of his pocket, and walks toward a door marked “EMERGENCY ONLY.”

In This Episode:

  • Ramon Bieri    as Major Arthur Manchek
  • Richard Bull     as Major Gunnar Wilson
  • Carl Reindel     as Lt. Comroe
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