Minute 025: For Dempsey’s Sake

  • 01 June, 2020
  • 24.68M

GUEST HOST: Pete Mummert

A young dead woman, laying topless on a chenille bedspread, looks upward. She wears a metal peace symbol on a necklace.

Outside, a dead middle-aged woman lays on a sidewalk, next to a man in a denim jacket.

Hall and Stone look at a young dead girl, sprawled next to an adobe wall.

“Up there!” says Hall, pointing at the sky. “Look!”

There’s a flash of light in the sky.

“An Air Force jet,” replies Stone. “If we don’t make it to Wildfire, he’ll see that the helicopter does — or shoot it down.”

“Well, for Dempsey’s sake, we’d better not slip up,” says Hall.

They enter a home. A woman hangs from a rope in the stairwell, her dead cat under her elevated feet. Tied to the cat’s feet is a handwritten note.

Hall reads the note: “The day of judgement is at hand. Have mercy on my soul – – and to hell with all the others! Amen.”

“Senile,” remarks Stone.

“This took time!” says Hall. “Regardless of what made her do it, it took time! There’s a chance someone’s still alive. ” They leave the house.

A bloated face, seen underwater, fills the screen.

Hall and Stone discover a man kneeling next to a bathtub, his face underwater. The man is dressed in a WWI doughboy’s uniform, his puttees loosely wrapped around his legs.

“I wouldn’t believe you could – ” begins Stone.

In This Episode:

  • Arthur Hill     as Dr. Jeremy Stone
  • James Olson     as Dr. Mark Hall
  • Emory Parnell     as Doughboy
  • Georgia Schmidt     as Old Lady
  • Sandra Ego    as Girl
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