Minute 033: The Town is Finished

  • 19 June, 2020
  • 18.08M
The Andromeda Minute Podcast
The Andromeda Minute Podcast
Minute 033: The Town is Finished

GUEST HOST: Mark Cerulli

“What is it?” asks Hall.

The man in the sheet crumples to the ground.

“What happened?” asks Hall.

The man looks up at Hall with unseeing eyes, grimacing in agony.

The scene changes to a view from the helicopter, leaving Piedmont, New Mexico behind in the distance.

“The town is finished,” says Stone, on a radio telephone. “Contaminated beyond all-“

“Careful sir!” says Major Manchek from Scoop Mission Control. “This is an open transmission.”

“I’m aware of that, Manchek,” replies Stone. “Order up a Seven-Twelve.”

“Only the President-” begins Manchek.

“Precisely,” says Stone. “Get on it. The town must be neutralized immediately.”

The scene switches to a conference room with maps and TV sets embedded in the walls.


Dr. Robertson follows after Grimes, the chief of Staff.

“Has the President made his decision on Directive Seven Twelve yet?” asks Robertson.

“He doesn’t jump into things, Doctor Robertson,” replies the Chief of Staff. “First, I’ve got to put together a briefing for him. The President’s main concern is the international consequences. What do you think, Mister Secretary?”

In This Episode:

  • James Olson     as Dr. Mark Hall
  • Arthur Hill     as Dr. Jeremy Stone
  • James W. Gavin     as Dempsey
  • Robert Soto     as Manuel Rios (baby)
  • George Mitchell   as Robert Jackson
  • Kermit Murdoch     as Dr. Robertson
  • Glenn Langan    as Cabinet Secretary
  • Richard O'Brien     as Grimes
  • Ramon Bieri     as Major Arthur Manchek
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