Minute 048: One of the Dirtiest Things in the Known Universe

  • 24 July, 2020
  • 23.21M
The Andromeda Minute Podcast
The Andromeda Minute Podcast
Minute 048: One of the Dirtiest Things in the Known Universe

GUEST HOST: Peter Regan

Dutton thinks the microorganism could be benign in its own environment.

“Pretty far-fetched,” replies Hall.

“We can’t ignore any possibility,” says Dutton.

A tone sounds. “You are about to undergo long-wave radiation,” says an announcement. “A buzzer will sound. Close your eyes and stand still, or blindness may result.” The three men are irradiated.

Leavitt walks through a shallow foot bath. A stencil on the wall says “IMMERSE FEET ONLY. AVOID EXPOSURE TO EYES & MUCOUS MEMBRANES”

A door is labeled “EXIT TO LEVEL 2.” The four scientists, now dressed in yellow jumpsuits, enter a narrow hallway.

“We face quite a problem,” says Stone. “How to disinfect the human body, one of the dirtiest things in the known Universe!”

“That is, without killing the human being at the same time,” adds Leavitt.

“It gets tougher as we go, I’m afraid,” says Stone, as the four enter an elevator.

“Hard on the taxpapers, isn’t it, the way we burn up uniforms?” asks Hall.

“They’re paper,” replies Stone.

Dutton examines his jumpsuit. “I could swear it was cloth.”

“New process,” explains Stone. Stone looks at Hall. “Where’s the next substation, Hall?”

“Left of elevator on Level Two,” replies Hall.

“Right,” says Stone, “across the corridor from Body Analysis.”

In This Episode:

  • David Wayne     as Dr. Charles Dutton
  • Kate Reid     as Dr. Ruth Leavitt
  • Arthur Hill     as Doctor Jeremy Stone
  • James Olson     as Dr. Mark Hall
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