The Andromeda Minute Podcast
The Andromeda Minute Podcast
Minute 008: We Need a Fly-by

GUEST HOST: Brian Fies

Shawn and Crane are still driving through Piedmont, searching for the satellite. Bodies are everywhere.

Meanwhile, Lt. Comroe is trying to reach Major Manchek.

“There must be dozens of them,” says Shawn.

“Dammit, get this call through!” says Comroe.

“It’s sort of like they just dropped in their tracks, sir,” says Crane. There’s a sound of screeching brakes. “Sir!” yells Crane.

“Good Cri–” exclaims Shawn.

“You see that thing in white?” asks Crane.

“Yeah, it’s coming toward us,” says Shawn.

“Hello, Major,” says Comroe into the phone, “this may sound crazy but there’s something going on with Caper One!”

“Lieutenant, sir, I think we should get out of h-” says Crane. There’s an anguished cry, and then just the sound of the Caper One radar.


“Hello, Ops,” says Manchek. “This is Major Manchek, Scoop Control A-12. We need a fly-by over Piedmont, New Mexico: infrared, a FLIR scan, all sectors, film to come direct to Scoop. Assign Gunnar Wilson – – if he’s not crocked someplace.”

The scene shifts to an RF-4C aircraft, making a photo run over Piedmont. Gunnar Wilson is at the controls.

In This Episode:

  • Mark Jenkins    as Lt. Shawn
  • Peter Helm     as Sgt. Crane
  • Carl Reindel     as Lt. Comroe
  • Ramon Bieri   as Major Arthur Manchek
  • Richard Bull       as Gunnar Wilson
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