Minute 012: There’s a Fire, Sir

  • 01 May, 2020
  • 23.92M
The Andromeda Minute Podcast
The Andromeda Minute Podcast
Minute 012: There's a Fire, Sir

GUEST HOSTS: Jeremy Sternhagen and Tyson Ferris

Mrs. Stone moves to close the door, but the Air Force officer and MP step inside the foyer.

“I’ll just wait here, ma’am,” explains the officer.

Stone is talking to another professor.

“I’ll come to Berkeley any time, Stone,” says the professor, smoking a cigarette. “That four million must be the largest federal grant!”

“May I see you, Jeremy?” asks Mrs. Stone. Dr. Stone looks at her, puzzled.

“The SDS has arrived, no doubt!” he jokes.

“Jeremy, there are some Army types in the hall,” says Mrs. Stone. “And there are two more outside, with guns! They want to see you-”

“I’ll take care of it,” says Jeremy, calmly.

“Jeremy?” says Mrs. Stone, incredulous. “If you know about this, you might have to-“

“I didn’t,” says Dr. Stone. “I’ll explain later.” They both walk to the foyer.

“I’m Doctor Stone, ” says Jeremy to the officer. The officer looks at a photo in his hand.

“Yes,” says the officer. “I’m Captain Morton. There’s a fire, sir.”

Stone pauses a moment, then turns to his wife.

“I’ve got to leave,” says Dr. Stone.

“For God’s sakes, Jeremy!” says Mrs. Stone. “When will you be back?”

“I’m… not sure,” replies Stone.

“The guns,” says Mrs. Stone, “Is it–?”

“Mrs. Stone,” says Captain Morton, “It’s our job to protect your husband. From now on, nothing must be allowed to happen to him.”

“I’ll be as safe as in your arms,” says Dr. Stone, kissing his wife. He touches her shoulder and then leaves.

“Jeremy?” says Mrs. Stone, as the front door closes.

In This Episode:

  • Arthur Hill as Doctor Jeremy Stone
  • Susan Brown     as Allison Stone
  • Michael Bow     as MP at Stones' House
  • John Carter     as MP Captain Morton
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