Minute 013: For Reasons of National Security

  • 04 May, 2020
  • 27.58M

GUEST HOST: Ethan McKinley

As Jeremy leaves with the Air Force officer, Allison calls after him. “Jeremy!” she shouts, but Dr. Stone has already closed the door. Stone gets into the car parked at curbside, and they drive off.

Inside the car, the Air Force officer opens a zippered case, and hands Stone a file folder. The officer turns on an overhead light.

Stone looks at the file folder cover. It says “PROJECT: SCOOP MISSION.” There’s also a warning: “THIS FILE IS CLASSIFIED TOP SECRET. Examination by unauthorized persons is a criminal offense punishable by fines and imprisonment up to 20 yrs. and $20,000.”

Back at the Stone household, Allison is on the phone in her bedroom, calling her father, who is a Senator.

“You tell the Senator that it’s his daughter!” says Allison. She sits on the bed and takes off her shoes.

“Allison?” says her father on the phone.

“Dad?” replies Allison. “Dad, something very peculiar has just happened, even for Jeremy. A few minutes ago – “

There’s a loud beeping noise on the phone.

“Dad?” says Allison. “Dad, are you there? What’s going on?”

A woman’s voice is on the phone. “This communication is being monitored,” says the voice. “The connection has been broken for reasons of national security. You will be briefed at the appropriate time. Thank you for your cooperation, Mrs. Stone.” The voice is replaced by an older-style dial tone. Allison stares at the phone receiver, puzzled.

Meanwhile, Dr. Stone reads the Scoop classified file:


… and funded through the PARPA.

The SCOOP PROJECT is under the command of Major General Thomas C. Sparks, U.S. Army Medical Service, Director of Biological Research Division.

The purpose of the project, contracted to the Advanced Jet Laboratory of the Wisconsin Polytechnic Institute in Madison, is to collect any organisms that might exist in outer space. The program inclused the study and evaluation of actual or potential injuries, illnesses, or damage caused by new extraterrestrial forms of life, should any be discovered.


In This Episode:

  • Arthur Hill    as Dr. Jeremy Stone
  • Susan Brown     as Allison Stone
  • Michael Bow     as MP at Stones' House
  • John Carter     as MP Captain Morton
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