The Andromeda Minute Podcast
The Andromeda Minute Podcast
Minute 016: Hold It, Mark

GUEST HOST: Rory Aylward

Dr. Leavitt lights up a cigarette, then grabs the top of a desk chair to steady herself.

“Are you sick, ma’am?” asks the Air Force officer. “We have a physician on call.”

“All Doctor Leavitt needs is rest,” says her assistant. She hands Leavitt a pill and a beaker of water.

“Oh, knock it off, Bess,” says Leavitt, swallowing the pill.

“Now, if the physician certifies that you are unable to continue -” explains the officer.

“No!” counters Leavitt. “I’m fine.” She puts on her glasses and stands up. A soldier blocks her way.

“Relax,” says Leavitt. “I’m going with you!”

Meanwhile, in a operating room, a patient’s abdomen is exposed for an incision.

“Skin knife,” says Dr. Hall.

“Uh, hold it, Mark,” comes a voice on the intercom. “Sorry to disturb you. There’s just been a call from a Doctor Robertson at the White House. Your orders are to break scrub.”

“Orders?” asks Hall. “I’ve got a patient, all ready!”

“Kelly will take over for you,” says the hospital administrator. “Now it’s all arranged. You’re expected in the surgeons’ room in thirty seconds.”

In This Episode:

  • Kate Reid as Dr. Ruth Leavitt
  • Midori     as Bess
  • Paul Ballantyne as Hospital Director
  • James Olson as Dr. Mark Hall
  • Michael Crichton as Anesthesiologist
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