Minute 036: Getting Rid of the Tread Marks

  • 26 June, 2020
  • 30.84M
  • Explicit Content

GUEST HOST: Tierney Steele Callahan

“Nobody’s been down this goat path for years!” says Leavitt.

“That’s how it’s supposed to look,” explains Dutton. “They spent fifty thousand dollars on it.”

“Putting in the potholes?” asks Leavitt.

“Getting rid of the tread marks,” says Dutton. “Those big tractors leave a lasting impression. A lot of heavy equipment’s has passed this way. “

Dutton turns right, onto a smaller dirt road.

Leavitt lights a cigarette. “Where’s our leader?” she asks.

“We’ll catch up to him, and Hall, very soon now,” says Dutton.

“Why’d they pick Hall? He’s no scientist. Who needs an overpriced M.D.?” says Leavitt.

“Relax and enjoy your cigarette,” says Dutton. “It’s your last.” Leavitt looks at him, sharply.

“It starts here,” says Dutton, pointing at a dilapidated sign that says “GOVERNMENT PROPERTY – KEEP OFF – FED. ORD. 6817”

The car drives over a steep rise. A fenced enclosure is in the near distance. Tractors run cultivating discs behind them . A ranch house with a large wraparound porch is behind the fence, next to an American flag waving on a white pole.

A man wearing a cowboy hat and eating a sandwich walks to the gate.

In This Episode:

  • Eric Christmas     as Senator Phillips of Vermont
  • David McLean    as Senator McKenzie of New Mexico
  • Peter Hobbs     as General Sparks
  • David Wayne     as Dr. Charles Dutton
  • Kate Reid     as Dr. Ruth Leavitt
  • Kermit Murdoch     as Dr. Robertson
  • Richard O'Brien     as Grimes
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