GUEST HOST: Peter Regan

“Have you any allergies?” asks the diagnostic computer.

“Yes, to ragweed pollen,” replies Leavitt.

“UNPROGRAMMED DATA” says the computer monitor.

“Well, okay, I’ll repeat it for your memory cells. I-” begins Leavitt.

“Please repeat your response for our memory cells,” says the diagnostic computer.

Leavitt takes a deep breath. “Ragweed pollen!” she yells.

“RAGWEED POLLEN CODED,” says the computer display.

“This ends the formal questioning,” says the diagnostic computer in Dutton’s exam room. “Please undress.” Dutton raises an eyebrow.

Doctor Stone is laying face-up, naked on the exam table. An ultraviolet probe moves across his body.

“This is a scan for fungal lesions,” says the diagnostic computer voice. On the computer screen, a digital representation of Stone’s left foot appears.

“Doctor Stone, this is Level Two Control,” says a voice. “The answer is affirmative: Major Manchek contacted the White House at eleven twenty-three our time this morning.” Stone nods.

A robot arm is attaching electrodes to Leavitt, who is laying face-down on the exam table. “Contact on all leads is R for Ready,” says a computer voice. “Do not be nervous.”

“I’m not nervous!” says Leavitt, through gritted teeth.

In This Episode:

  • David Wayne     as Dr. Charles Dutton
  • Kate Reid     as Dr. Ruth Leavitt
  • Arthur Hill     as Doctor Jeremy Stone
  • James Olson     as Dr. Mark Hall
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